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For most couples their wedding album is not something that is shoved at the back of a book shelf or cupboard collecting dust but a valuable piece of their history. It tells the story of the wedding day, a celebration of love captured in pictures... 

Wedding albums are not what they once used to be, thankfully they have evolved from the humble little book with photos stuck beneath cardboard borders and frames or worse still under plastic sleeves to literally hundreds of styles, page designs and photo mounts. With digital photography and the printing options available, todays wedding albums are sleek works of art with multiple images grouped together, montages and often contain heavily manipulated magazine style images. Talk to your wedding photographer to see what sort of wedding album options they offer.

If you are on a limited budget then there are also other options now available and it can be as easy as uploading your digital photos to online galleries and creating a photo album using the many user friendly templates and editing tools available to personailse it.

Which ever option you choose one thing is for sure your wedding album will be a source of joy when you look back on your special day and it will be something you will be proud to share with your children, family and friends.





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