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Nothing is more romantic than flowers. For some of the prettiest wedding flower ideas, take your cue from bygone eras. Read on for tips on the most beautiful vintage inspired wedding flowers.

The Victorian era is one of the best places to turn for inspiration when it comes to flowers. Flowers were so important in Victorian culture that they even had their own secret language. Some of the meanings of flowers may be familiar, such as red roses for romantic love. However, there is literally a special message behind every single type of flower, and even some herbs (rosemary stands for remembrance). Choosing flowers that have the most romantic sentiments would be a great place to start with your wedding bouquets and centerpieces.

Another thing that will give your flowers a vintage look is how they are displayed. Bunches of lush roses, hydrangeas, lamb's ear and other gorgeous blooms and greens look wonderful when they are arranged to drip over the sides of a tall silver vase. This is a fantastic style for a more formal wedding, and you can do it in a wide array of colors, from pinks to purples to golds.

Nothing is better than going right to the source: you can also use actual vintage vessels to hold your wedding arrangements. Gather a collection of vases or pitchers from flea markets and antique shops to hold your centerpieces. You can choose one basic theme to tie them all together, such as white hobnail glass or floral patterned pitchers. This will allow your tables to look unified, and yet each one will be unique.

Of course, it is not necessary to use actual vintage pieces to achieve an old-fashioned elegance with your wedding flowers. The all-white wedding was popularized in Victorian times, and it is still very appealing today. A white wedding has a purity and a timelessness about it that makes it lovely in any era. Especially as more bold colors have become the norm at weddings, keeping an all-white palette will make your wedding feel like it could take place in an era from the past.

For a white vintage inspired wedding, the key is to keep any additional colors very soft and feminine. Certainly the bride will wear white; for your bridesmaids you might consider having them wear a pale pink or a light champagne colored dress with pearl bridesmaid jewelry and white bouquets. If you like the style of the 1950s, your bridesmaids can wear strapless party dresses with their pearl bridesmaid jewelry and have gardenias in their bouquets. After all, vintage does not have to mean Victorian.

There are many other eras from which to take inspiration for your flowers. Brides of the 1920s favored large elaborate bouquets, filled with white flowers such as orchids, and masses of trailing greens and ribbons. To replicate the glamorous flavor of the 1940s, carry sleek and sophisticated flowers such as calla lilies. Whichever era strikes your fancy, you will be able to find plenty of great old photographs online that show the prevailing trends in wedding flowers at that time. Incorporating vintage inspired centerpieces and bouquets into your wedding is a terrific way to give it a unique and timeless grace.

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