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The location of your ceremony and reception is as unlimited as your imagination. People exchange vows just about anywhere, from hot air balloons and surf boards to standing in the ocean or under waterfalls. Even if you go for a more traditional location, there are still important things to consider; an outdoor wedding begs a change in the weather, including the possibility of rain. A large reception room may overwhelm an intimate gathering of friends. Try to consider every factor, including convenience for out of town guests. But the most important thing is to find the perfect location that inspires you!


Following are some factors that you may consider when looking for your wedding location:
• The location is flexible enough to handle both the formal ceremony and a reception dinner if so desired.
• Is the ceremony/reception easy for people to navigate to? Will you need to arrange for maps to be made to include with your invitations and/or transport?
• Consider where you may be preparing for the wedding on the day – how long is the drive time to the ceremony location? And if the reception is to be held at a different location, what is the drive time between the ceremony and reception venue?
• If you have ‘out of town’ guests coming, is there accommodation close by? Some hotels/accommodation may also provide a shuttle service for guests to and from the wedding location.
• Does the reception venue provide catering or will you need to hire your own. If you will be bringing your own caterer, do they also provide all the plates and cutlery?
If space permits you may consider having you wedding at your home or your parent’s/friend’s home. Perhaps the property is large enough to erect a marquee? The first thing to think about is will there be any need for repairs, improvements and modifications for the safety of your guests. A thorough inspection of the property will also be needed to determine if all pathways, stairs/steps and railings are in good order or if they need maintenance or repair. If you have a pool/spa then fencing/gates will need to be checked for safety where children are concerned.
Neighbours will need to be notified of the upcoming wedding, to be prepared for extra traffic and noise.

Whether you are looking for a slick modern space or relaxed rustic atmosphere your wedding location will impact on most of your design choices so take your time and look at as many options as you can before deciding on ‘the one’.

For assistance with your wedding location research, go to Local Services on the side menu and see ceremony and reception venues.


Planning Tips:

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