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Unique Alternatives to Wedding Cakes
When people typically think about wedding cakes, one vision comes to mind: a tall, white cake with tons of icing. This variety of wedding cake has been popular for decades. Some couples, however, choose a more unique form of dessert to serve at their weddings. By selecting an alternative dessert couples are able to ensure that their guests will remember their reception for quite awhile.

A simple, yet whimsical alternative to wedding cakes is a display of cupcakes. Stacked upon tiered serving dishes, cupcakes are cute as well as easy to serve to guests. In addition cupcakes can be decorated just as stylishly as their jumbo-sized relations. Whether the couple wants elegant cupcakes featuring monograms in the icing or sugary cupcakes adorned with frosting flowers, they can be certain that their wedding dessert will have the exact look they desire.

Couples with a sense of humor have found an even more original dessert choice for their weddings. For a wacky take on wedding cakes, these couples have opted to serve their favorite snack cakes at their wedding receptions. Guests are treated to massive piles of fun treats such as Twinkies or Ho Ho's. Although creating these displays is a cinch, the overall effect of the displays is incredibly striking.

Cookies are another fun alternative to wedding cakes. Oversized cookies can be made in the wedding couple's favorite flavor, anything from sugar cookies to chocolate chip cookies. Like cupcakes, cookies can also be embellished to mark the occasion. Hearts, initials, and even flowers are all popular toppings for these easy to serve and playful desserts. Cookies can then be served on pretty platters or stacked on the individual tables at the reception.

Some weddings are made memorable by a heartier type of dessert. Instead of serving wedding cake at their reception, brides and grooms at these weddings are opting to serve a variety of different types of pie. Some couples feature a broad spectrum of pies, such as lemon, strawberry, apple, or chocolate, at their reception. Others may wish to highlight a specific type of pie, perhaps one indicative of the local fruit of the wedding's locale.

Finally, offering a candy buffet an alternative to serving wedding cake that wedding guests won't soon forget. These types of buffets can vary from wedding to wedding. One couple might decide to display large glass jars with a different type of candy in each jar similar to an old-fashioned candy shop's display. Another couple might build centerpieces with candy and arrange them on each table at the reception. The only limit in designing a candy buffet is the designer's imagination.

Although wedding cakes have been the preferred dessert at weddings for years, they are not the only option available today. Offering an alternative dessert can be a fun way for the bride and groom to express themselves at their wedding reception. By sharing their favorite dessert with their guests, the bride and groom can be certain that their wedding will be unlike anyone else's.

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